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Network Optimisation
Saving Money

We all rely on our computer networks. We expect them to work.

But what happens when they don't or dont operate at acceptable speeds ? - We tend to throw more money at the problem by increasing more bandwidth, by purchasing bigger servers, by buying software with big promises.

Swift Consulting has developed solutions that can SAVE you money (and your sanity...) as we are able to evaluate your business needs and offer you solutions that are suitable specifically for your business.

  • E-Mail Solutions - Save bandwidth by cutting out SPAM and Viruses BEFORE they enter your company's network
  • Archiving - Can you retrieve ALL emails you ever sent and received ? It could save you thousands in legal fees when you can produce that email from 3 years ago
  • Inter-Branch connection - No more need for expensive dial-up facilities simply to connect your Branch to head office - Save thousands of Rands by using new innovative technologies
  • Automatic Backup - Don't wait until your info is lost when your computer crashed or your laptop stolen. Our system automatically backs up your data and stores it offsite
  • Internet Access - Take control of who uses (abuses ?) your internet bandwidth
  • Mobile Communication - New technology allows users to be more productive where-ever they are
  • Software and Hardware - Still paying full retail price for your software and hardware ? - WHY ?

Give us a call to discuss your needs and see how we can save you Money, Time and Headaches !

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